My Dream Vacations

In English class we had an assignment where we had to draw a picture of our perfect vacation. Then describe it using all five senses. I think it is important to incorporate sensory language into my writing because it is more interesting for the reader. This assignment taught me how to further engage a reader with my writing skills.



I made two illustrations of my ideal vacations.


1st Picture: Sea

A storm is raging in the distance. Water is splashing against rocks, but here it is quiet and sunny. Here there are only a few clouds in the sky. Everything is covered with barnacles and there’s a small lighthouse on a rock not too far away from shore. We are fishing and in the water there are fish like carp; they are huge and are dull coloured, muted, and gray. Tide pools form in the crevices of rocks. Within them live crabs,starfish and the other creepy crawly creatures of shallow dark waters. 


 Everywhere under the water there are all types of creatures. The smell of saltwater mists throughout the air and seaweed tickles my feet, as though it were alive.  The air is heavy and damp. There is not a trace of wind, and it is very humid. You can see old fishing boats in the distance, bobbing up and down as the waves hit their keels. From this rock, the sea ahead looks intimidating and endless.


2nd Picture: Canada

It is the middle of the day and it is sunny. The air is perfectly breezy.The bustling of crickets and other creatures make up the background soundtrack of the wilderness. I can hear a wolf faintly howl in the distance, as it performs a hunting cry to alarm the pack. Fish jump in the rocky stream which trickles along the weedy path. You can see distant farm fields on the horizon, and their golden crops beginning to flourish. Farmers work to prep the fields for their plants.


 A single dragonfly is hovering over a vase of flowers in a worn window painted beigey white. It’s wings glisten  blue in the sun. Flowers and weeds are creeping from every crevice. The land is overgrown, and ready to be enjoyed and eaten by the  animals and creatures. Water lilies are in gently flowing lakes and ponds. The scent of pine wafts through the air. 





6 thoughts on “My Dream Vacations

  1. So…your dream vacation is either to a lighthouse on the sea or to the wilderness in Canada?


    You did a GREAT job describing your two locations, lots of good adjectives, I could definitely get a taste for what you appreciate about those locations.

    Tip? Next time, you might want to put the picture at the TOP of your post – you mention it in the first sentence, I was ready to take a look.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Elah,
    I’m floored by your writing! It’s so beautifully written it’s like I’m truly there! I can just smell the salty sea air…
    Keep up the amazing writing and can’t wait to read more of your creations!

  3. Wow Elah! I could just imagine myself right there too! You have an incredible talent with your words and to see the dream vacations come to life in picture was equally impressive!

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