My Winter Break


During my winter break, my aunt’s wedding got cancelled because of Covid. We were supposed to be going to Perth for the wedding on New Years’ Eve, and they had been planning it for two years. So, instead they decided to have a little ceremony now, and then in a few more months they will have a bigger ceremony and a party. My mom and I were able to go to the small ceremony now, but because of Covid restrictions, we weren’t allowed to be close to them during the ceremony.

Also because of covid restrictions, I wasn’t allowed to play with my friends inside, so we went on a lot of hikes in Bruce Pit with my dog Marley and my family. Once we got more snow, we went cross country skiing a lot near Bruce Pit. I really enjoy cross country skiing, and I love to do it with my friends who also loves it.

Over the break, I also got a piano from my bumpa and grandma. So far I know how to play Jingle Bells and Down By the Station. I also can play the guitar, so now I know how to play two instruments.

I really like doing watercolours. I got a watercolor set, and I’ve been doing a lot of watercolor painting lately. I made a horse and a lot of street scenes. I also made my Safta a watercolour for her birthday.

I was looking forward to going back to school in January instead of distance learning, and I hope to go back to school to learn soon.

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