Equality and Equity project for social studies

For my equality and equity project, I made a song. I worked with another student and we came up with lyrics. I played the guitar and we recorded it. It was hard to get the lyrics written because we kept procrastinating and on the weekends it was hard to get together to work on it. The good thing about working with a partner was that we do what we are good at. I played guitar, and because I am not a good signer, my partner did the signing. We tried really hard not to make it cheesy, but it was harder than we thought. We knew that we wanted to talk about how people should be fair and that being fair matters. Some things in our song we wanted to point out were; you shouldn’t divide people based on colour because they are all the same. Also, we wanted to talk about how fairness isn’t always the same and people need different things.  I learned some new chords playing the guitar, and I also learned what equity and equality are. I think people should be fair to other people.




Here is our recorded video:

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