Egghead Trailer Project

My Egghead Project

I chose to do a trailer because it was easy, didn’t include writing and it was fun to do. It didn’t turn out to be very fun, but I thought it would be fun, and I got to direct people around like in a real movie. 

It connects to the book, because there are some scenes from the book that we recreated. I included the worm scene with all the bullies and Katie. I liked that scene because it was fun to do. I also chose the scene where Katie is running in the hallway and Devan trips her by accident and looks at her notebook. I also have a sketchbook, and I would feel offended if someone looked at it. I also did the scene where they are dancing and Katie looks at Devan and Devan looks at Katie and he turns and goes to the bathroom. The next scene I did is where they knock over Egghead’s ant farm. The last scene I did was where Katie and her friend are walking home, talking about Egghead.

I didn’t use quotes because the iPad froze.

If I did this trailer again, I would have done it on my own computer and not on someone else’s iPad. Meaning I can’t work on it on the weekend. I would also use more reliable actors because the actors all couldn’t work on each scene, so each scene was using different actors. I would have also organized who was in each scene so there weren’t too many people. 

I learned that I am not a good director because I don’t have control over anyone and it was very chaotic and I couldn’t control it.

Take a look at my Egghead trailer here.

9 thoughts on “Egghead Trailer Project

  1. I loved your trailer. It was amazing!
    But maybe for next time you could add some quotes into the trailer, but other than that it was outstanding.

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