Student Vote

Last week we did a thing called student vote. Student vote is where schools from all over Canada let the students do a fake vote and at the end of the week,they count all the votes and then they tell us which party won insideĀ  our school.

And the grade fives ran it (I’m in grade 5) I was the poll Clark that’s the person who checks to make sure there’s a signature on their vote and make sure they put them in the box.

Everyone in our class had to make a presentation on one of the parties.I did the Green Party to get information about the parties we use a site called Pollerize .

(that’s the link) the site tells you about all the different parties

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3 thoughts on “Student Vote

  1. Great post!

    First of all…let’s talk about this “Nuclear Chicken Nugget”. Umm…what’s the deal with that? You have to let people know why you chose that as the title for your blog? (I’d recommend adding a sentence or two to your “About Me” page.)

    Secondly…as a recent newcomer to Canada, I greatly appreciated your presentation about the Green Party. I learned some new things myself just reading the blog.

    Thirdly…how did the Green Party do in the Student Vote? Were you surprised by the Student Vote (either at OJCS or overall)?

    Keep up the great work!


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