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I love to draw. but my favourite thing to draw his eyes.and I also love to draw the backs of people and dogs. because it’s easier . I also love to paint my favourite thing to paint is fruit. because it is fun making all the different’s 2 drawing I made


this picture is about a girl and her dog in the Hills looking up to the Moon at night

this pictures is of a windy day and a girl and her dog in the Hills .it not very good photo of it










thank you for reading my post.

8 thoughts on “my picture

  1. Hey Elah,
    I really liked your drawings. I can’t really draw people well so I think it’s reasonably high standard. Something you can work on is adding capitals to the start of your sentences. I’m also 10 but I’m from Australia! If you want to check out my post here’s a link:

  2. Hello –

    Your artwork is quite nice ! Eyes are super hard to draw. I think your windy picture is really original . Keep up the great work, maybe someday you will illustrate a book ?

    Ms. F

  3. Elah I really like your blog post, I really would love to see more of the work. If you had any other things to draw what would it be?.

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